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Terms of service

Century Fashion aims to build up a premium customer base and provide high-end products and services. 
》Customers who make purchases on our website are entitled to the 7-day hesitation period, but products with special notes, the item with unique packaging, clothing with any extent of alteration, customized items, personal clothing and used printed products are excluded. Century Fashion receives exchange from customers. Upon receiving the product, there will be 7 days of the exchange period. After 7 days, the product will be considered as the checked purchase. Please notice the following rules:
》When checking on delivery, if the product has been damaged, please report the situation as soon as possible to ensure a quick examination. We’ll provide an exchange service in no time if the responsibility of the defect is ours.
》After examining and testing the exchange item, customers have to pay for all the related costs if we find the responsibility of defect is not ours.
》All the customers who need the exchange service must e-mail or phone Century Fashion (please see our contacts) and provide the order number, reasons for an exchange, name, phone numbers, e-mail, address, etc.
》If there the exchange item has no damage or flaw, the product must remain the brand new situation. It should come with packaging, the product itself, manual, registration form, components, and gifts. Otherwise, Century Fashion has the right to decline the exchange.
》We’ll not receive exchange if the product is damaged by man-made causes, such as short cut, abrasion, scratch, dirt, incomplete packaging.
》Every photo is identical to the real product. Catalog pictures on our website will have slight differences because of environmental lights, screen presentation, color, subjective recognition. We also have product demonstrations in real-life stores (please see the page of our distributors) to give our customers various shopping choices.
》If customers need to change the shipping information, please contact us with e-mail or phone to ensure all the information before shipping. Please notice that if the process of changing the address causes the increase of shipping fee, we’ll charge you differentials. Personal information should be 100% correct. Customers should be responsible for the cost of the shipping address and phone numbers are mistaken.
》Your order will be notified by your e-mail once upon finishing the payment and shipping. You’re welcome to add our e-mail address to the mailing list to avoid v-spam e-mails.
》Please check the package once you receive it. You can ask for compensation immediately from the shipping company if you find the product is damaged, and our customer service will provide you the necessary assistance. If you find there’s anything wrong with your product (damage, malfunction or wrong item), do not use the item. Please keep all the packaging material and the purchase list, and let us know the situation to arrange a further exchange.
》The price does not include the consumption tax and will be counted with NTD. International customers must notice that the price of the product and shipping fee do not include importing regulation fees, insurance premiums, and tax of your local government. This part of the cost will be on your own, and you’re free to inquire about everything about this from your local government.
》An effective order should go through all the transaction procedures of our designated financial institutions and Century Fashion’s examination. Customers should understand all the clauses and regulations before making purchases. Your agreement with our regulations will be effective once you make any purchase.
》If there’s force majeure (such as lack of product, pricing or marking mistake, malfunctioning of the system, system hacking), Century Fashion will retain the right to accept and change the order. 
》Century Fashion will retain the ability to change or terminate the product distribution and promotion without notice in advance. If there’s any litigation between Century Fashion and customers, Taipei District Court will exercise control.

Privacy Policy

When you make a purchase from Century Fashion, you provide us with personal information such as your name, address, phone number, credit card information, and email address. We keep a record of this information which is covered by our privacy policy and is held in the strictest of confidence. 

All information submitted via our website is secure and private. Your entire transaction with Century Fashion is completely private. We do not and will not ever sell, rent or grant access to our customer records to any other company or person for any reason, except when required by law.


Your Information Is Never Shared

When you place an order with Century Fashion, we ask you to provide us with various types of information. These are used to verify credit card ownership and process your order. We do not sell your information to any third parties.


Name and Billing Address
This information is collected in order to verify that the person placing the order is the person who owns the credit card. We do not send out marketing materials via postal mail, and you will never receive anything at this address unless it is also your shipping address where you would like to send your order.


Shipping Address
Your order will arrive at this address. It can be the same as your billing address.


Email Address
Your email address is used to send order-related emails such as order updates and confirmations, online shipping confirmations, and customer service inquiries. You also have the option to join the Century Fashion email list, or you may choose to opt-out.
Your order will be notified by your e-mail once upon finishing the payment and shipping. You’re welcome to add our e-mail address to the mailing list to avoid v-spam e-mails.


Phone Number
We ship via express delivery which requires a recipient contact number. You may be contacted by phone in case we need to reach you about your order in the event that there is a delay in manufacturing or shipping your order. Additionally, our customers do not always have access to email, and a phone number is used as an alternate method of communication. When it is necessary to contact our customers regarding their order, we try to provide email correspondence as often as possible. However, on occasion, phone contact is the easiest method. We will not solicit you or call for any reason other than in regards to your order.


We ask you to confirm that you are 18 or older to order products from our website. We do not sell our products to minors.


Any charge from Century Fashion will appear as "Century Fashion" on your bank/credit card statement to protect your privacy.


When you make a purchase with Century Fashion, you are required to provide your email address. This allows us to contact you with order updates and confirmations, online shipping confirmations, and customer service inquiries. On the order form, you will notice the option to be added to the Century Fashion email list is automatically selected. Century Fashion emails provide you with information on sales, special offers, weekly promotional events, exclusive email discounts, and new products for sale. To opt-out of the Century Fashion email list, simply uncheck the box. If you do elect to subscribe to our email list, please know that you may unsubscribe or change your subscription preferences at any time.


We use only the highest level of security for your personal data, which includes the industry standard 128-bit SSL encryption. When you purchase from Century Fashion, you can be assured that your information is very secure.